Driver with suspected radar detector & unrestrained child leads CBBT, State Police chase

CHESAPEAKE, Va. - A car lead the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel Police and Virginia State Police on a chase Tuesday.

Ronald Stow

Around 12:25 p.m., CBBT police noticed that there was a driver at the toll booth who they say had a radar detector. Police then noticed that there was also an unrestrained child in the vehicle.

The driver, identified as 25-year-old Ronald Stow, took off when CBBT officials attempted to conduct a traffic stop. That is when the pursuit began with CBBT police.

News 3 spoke with Stow from jail Wednesday morning.

“I would have stayed there until he completely said, ‘You’re good to go," Stow explained.

He told us after the officer mentioned his radar gun, he unplugged it and thought he was free to go.

“I thought he was done talking to us, so I drove off. I guess he [wasn't] done and I guess since we drove off and stuff, he called backup," Stow explained.

Stow was driving over 100 mph, according to officials, so CBBT police called off the pursuit for the safety of the unrestrained child.

The vehicle was identified on Northampton Highway, and state troopers made a traffic stop on I-64 at the 464 exit ramp.

He said the reason he kept driving was because he didn't want to stop on the highway.

“I was thinking about the child; that’s why I didn’t wanna pull over on the highway. That’s why I was trying to get to a main strip or a side street," Stow said.

State Police said there was no accident, but due to the wet conditions the vehicle slid down into an embankment.

Stow, who is from Delaware, was driving his friend and her child to North Carolina.

Stow was booked into the Virginia Beach Jail on charges of two counts of reckless driving endangering life and limb; two counts of gross, wanton or reckless care for a child; hit and run with more than $1,000 of property damaged; abduction by force without justification; two counts of speeding; and two counts of disregarding police.

Stay with News 3 for updates.

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