‘It’s usually not this easy’ Police say man basically asked to be arrested

PUEBLO, Colo. (KCNC) — Pueblo police officers got a tip that helped them arrest a wanted man — from the man himself.

“It’s not usually this easy…” Tom Rummel with the Pueblo Police Department tweeted.

According to Rummel, Ofc. J.J. Ortiz stopped at a store for something to drink just before midnight.

A man standing outside reportedly said, “Hey, wanna take me to jail?”

The officer assumed he was joking.

“No, that would just create paperwork for me,” Ortiz said.

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“But I have a warrant,” the man reportedly said.

The officer ran a check on him and it turned out he had a $10,000 warrant for theft, so he took the man into custody.

Rummel called it the easiest catch of the night and tweeted a gif of a fish jumping straight into a fishing boat.

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