Outer Banks’ wild horses being chased, harassed by off-leash dogs

COROLLA, N.C. – Corolla Wild Horse Fund stated that there have been three instances in the past week where off-leash dogs have been seen ‘chasing and harassing’ the horses.

This is incredibly dangerous for both the dog and the horses. Corolla Wild Horse Fund stated that the dog in the video is very lucky that the stallion didn’t hurt or kill it.

Defensive horses are unpredictable and could turn aggression towards people, or they could have trampled beach goers. Continued harassment could make the horses aggressive towards dogs even if they aren’t provoked.

There is a county-wide leash law stating that dogs must be leashed at all times.

If you witness an incident like this, call the Currituck County non-emergency number at (252)-232-2216. You can also contact CWHF at (252)-453-8002.

Corolla Wild Horse Fund stated “Please do not put your pets, the horses, or yourself in danger like this. It is illegal, irresponsible, and negligent.”

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