2020 city budget includes $250,000 for another Something in the Water

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - Pharrell's Something in the Water festival proved to be a success, and it's expected to return next year.

The City of Virginia Beach has included a $250,000 sponsorship in the FY 2019-20 budget to help bring the festival back to the Oceanfront. The sponsorship is similar to what was provided to the Patriotic Festival and the Neptune Festival, the city says.

Pharrell Williams speaks to News 3 reporter Erin Miller

Thousands of people flocked to Virginia Beach for Something in the Water, which wasn't just a music festival; it offered a variety of conferences, activities and cultural gatherings to elevate the city to international prominence as a cultural hub of music, art and technology.

Taking place during what is traditionally College Beach Weekend, Something in the Water reflected the many successful people who hail from Hampton Roads, including Missy Elliott, Timbaland, Pusha T, DRAM and, of course, Pharrell himself.

The musician and his team presented the city with the idea for the festival in October 2018.

Reflecting on the inaugural festival, Pharrell told News 3 reporter Erin Miller that performing in Virginia has been a magical experience that's different than performing anywhere else.

The proud Virginia Beach native expressed his admiration for the fans and said without them, the festival would have just been a "crazy idea."

“All these things are happening and it’s not me, it’s the Virginians. This is what you guys did. I’m just really happy to be like a little comma in a small sentence, you know, in a big huge book called Virginia.”

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