‘This is the Virginian people’ Pharrell reflects on Something in the Water festival

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - Hampton Roads native Pharrell Williams reflected on the Something in the Water festival in an interview with News 3 on Sunday.

“From the top to the bottom, which I argue if there even is a bottom, right? Because I came from the bottom, right? So what can’t we do as Virginians? It’s been beautiful,” Pharrell explained.

Pharrell is a proud Virginian and tells News 3 why he admires his home state.

“Our cities have come together to make this a really beautiful offering,” Pharrell said. “Just hearing everybody, their excitement and them preparing a place for people to come and enjoy, like our cities have just been beautiful and I’m very grateful.”

He goes on to explain that performing in Virginia has been a magical experience and a much different one than performing anywhere else.

“Music was as thick in the air as the humidity here,” he joked. “I’ve seen people rise above and I can now, I can now tell you when they say Virginia is for lovers, it’s true because the music is as thick as the humidity.”

Pharrell admires his fans and says that without them, the Something in the Water festival would just be a "crazy idea".

“The kinetic energy in all of this that’s powering this right now - this is the Virginian people,” Pharrell said. “This is them looking themselves in the mirror going, ‘Oh we exist. Oh and the world is watching too?' Oh yeah we can do it, we can do it greater.”

Pharrell's final words for News 3 were heartfelt ones.

“All these things are happening and it’s not me, it’s the Virginians. This is what you guys did. I’m just really happy to be like a little comma in a small sentence, you know in a big huge book called Virginia.”

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