Festival goers react to the end of Something in the Water festival

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - Something in the Water officially came to close Sunday evening.

The festival brought thousands to Virginia Beach for a fun-filled music weekend. Now that year one is in the books, many people are hoping Pharrell brings his friends back to the beach next year.

“I want another day, I want a day four,” one festival goer said.

All good things must come to an end.

Things got off to a rocky start on Friday, but when the storm passed that’s when the good vibes rolled in.

The consensus among festival goers is that Something in the Water exceeded expectations.

“To pay $300 of my hard-earned money to be at this festival, I’m actually enjoying it and enjoying it a lot," another festival goer said.

Attendees are singing the praises of Pharrell and his friends.

“SZA was amazing. Virgil was great, Teddy Riley— because I’m all about the old school,” a festival goer said.

“We didn’t know who to expect, we knew Pharrell and his friends were coming and we knew Pharrell had some pretty good friends, but it was like every single person knocked it out the box. There was not one performance that I went ‘that was a bad performance.’ You felt like you were experiencing something that was never going to happen again,” a pleased festival goer said.

Festival goers described the experience as spectacular, unbelievable, epic and lit!

The cleanup on the beach begins Monday at 9 a.m. Volunteers will meet to get the area back to looking good as new.

Here are photos from throughout day 3 of the Something in the Water festival:

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