Smartmouth Brewing Co. pairing with Something In The Water festival to create ‘uniquely-branded beer’

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Photo courtesy: Smartmouth Beer

NORFOLK, Va. – Smartmouth Brewing Co. plans to release a uniquely-branded beer for the Something In The Water festival.

The organizers of the festival wanted to partner with a local brewery to offer a locally-made craft beer to their guests.

Smartmouth has created a special can for their hefeweizen-style brew that could be released at the events during the 3-day Festival.

The design was created by Something In The Water organizers and is based on the logo but has a timeless feel with a matte-silver finish.

The 16 ounce cans will be available for sale where other alcoholic beverages are sold.

Something In The Water is a three-day festival founded by Pharrell Williams.

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