North Carolina teen charged with shooting pellet guns, bringing homemade bomb to Barnes & Noble

 Jonathan Kyle Courtney

CARY, N.C. (WGHP ) – The 18-year-old who police arrested for opening fire in a Barnes & Noble also had a homemade bomb with him at the time of the shooting, warrants revealed Monday according to WTVD.

Jonathan Kyle Courtney was arrested Friday and charged with several crimes related to the Friday night incident at Cary’s Barnes & Noble bookstore located at 760 SE Maynard Road.

Witnesses said Courtney walked into the bookstore and started shooting two pellet guns.

According to warrants, three people were shot out of a total of five people who were injured.

Courtney is charged with several crimes including possessing a weapon of mass destruction. According to search warrants and a police spokesperson, that weapon of mass destruction was an improvised explosive device or a homemade bomb, WTVD reports.

Police caught Courtney at the bookstore as he attempted to escape.

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