Dare County Sheriff’s Office introduces newest Deputy K9

DARE Co., N.C. – The newest addition to the Dare County Sheriff’s Office is a furry one!

Sheriff Doughtie announced through a Facebook post that they were proud to welcome Deputy K9 Storm to the Sheriff’s Office.

Deputy Storm is a German Shepherd and was donated to the force.

Here are some interesting facts about police dogs provided by hero911.org:

  • K9 officers were first used in America in 1907 in New York City.
  • Some of the dogs used in law enforcement come from animal shelters.
  • Police dogs played an important role in searching for victims during the 9/11 attacks. More than 100 search and rescue dogs looked for survivors.
  • Police dogs can tell the difference between identical twins. While this may fool the eyes of a human, dogs are trained to use their noses.
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