Celebrating Chef Patrick’s one year anniversary on Coast Live

HAMPTON ROADS, Va. - We celebrate Chef Patrick Evans Hylton's one year anniversary on Coast Live with champagne and chocolate fondue. Plus, we learn about some exciting events happening in Hampton Roads.

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We are celebrating Virginia Eats + Drinks one year anniversary on Coast Live with some sparkling wine, and a Champagne Sour cocktail. Our cocktail is a fun take on a Whiskey Sour, with sparkling wine adding the acidic pop and sweetness found in the classic.

Sparkling wine is good for any occasion, from ordinary to extraordinary. Types of sparkling wines include Cava, Champagne, and Prosecco. Wines on today’s segment were hand-curated by Lindsay Bennett of Press Wine Bar in Virginia Beach. Bennett also owns Press 626 in Norfolk; wine is sold retail at both of the restaurant locations.

If you’d like a sparkling wine cheat sheet which tells you a little about the differences and similarities between them, email us at Patrick@VirginiaEatsAndDrinks.com and put “Sparkling Wine Cheat Sheet” in the subject line.

Want to make our Champagne Sour cocktail? Here’s how:

In an old fashioned glass, add 1-1/2 ounces of bourbon; we like the offerings from Tarnished Truth Distilling Co. in Virginia Beach. Add ice and top with champagne. Stir, and garnish with an orange wedge and a few cocktail cherries on a skewer.

Cocktail garnishes come from our partners at The Fresh Market, the official grocer of Virginia Eats + Drinks:

Bourbon today is from our partners at Tarnished Truth Distilling Co.:

Wines today are from Press Wine Bar:


Our Chocolate Fab-Do is quick and easy and oh-so-delicious. It’s a decadent dessert that comes together with just a few ingredients from our partners at The Fresh Market, the official grocer of Virginia Eats + Drinks, and the new Old Cavalier Bourbon Cream from our partners at Tarnished Truth Distilling Co. The liqueur is a blend of bourbon and rich, sweet cream.

Here’s how to make our Chocolate Fab-Do:

Melt 8 ounces of chocolate morsels in a double boiler with 2 tablespoons coconut oil, stirring frequently. Stir in 4 ounces of a cream liqueur; we like Old Cavalier Bourbon Cream from our partners at Tarnished Truth Distilling Co. Transfer to a fondue pot and keep heated on low.

Serve the fondue with an assortment of fresh fruits, such as whole strawberries, pineapple chunks, and pieces of melon. You can also serve with cookies, like biscotti. In today’s segment we served Trefoils Girl Scout cookies in honor of the upcoming Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast Samoa Soiree.

More information on The Fresh Market at: www.TheFreshMarket.com

More information on Tarnished Truth at: www.TarnishedTruth.com


The 11th Annual Girl Scout Samoa Soiree takes place March 16.

Presented by the Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast, the fete pits area top chefs in a competition for a number of awards for creations i

ncorporating Girl Scout cookies. The tasting event takes place at Norfolk Waterside Hotel from 5-9 p.m. Tickets are $65 per person. Proceeds from the evening support Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast programs, which allows the organization to provide things like financial assistance for girls who would not otherwise be able to participate in the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.

More information on Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast Samoa Soiree at: www.GSCCC.org


At Pho 79 Viet Bistro in Hilltop,, next to Trader Joe’s, folks can roll their own spring roll appetizer.

All the components needed for the DIY dish are brought out. First, there’s a large platter that has a meat option: lemongrass chicken (my choice), pork, beef, or a combination of the three. Also on the platter are sprigs of fresh basil, sliced carrot and cucumber, chopped scallions, and patties of prepared rice noodles. Along side there is a rich peanut sauce, and other sauces too, including one that is fiery red with bits of crushed pepper floating about like a sassy snowglobe. Hoisin and other condiments orbit around the unassembled dish.

Round sheets of rice paper are provided, which are quickly dunked in a pool of warm water to make pliable to house the various fillings. The key is to not overfill, otherwise it will be hard to roll and hard to handle. I folded two sides in, and rolled it up, as tight as I could. The paper had become sticky, and held together well. A dunk in the peanut sauce, and I had even impressed myself.

The dish interaction is fun, and sates because a little more of this or a little more than that can be added to the mix according to personal tastes. It was a fun - and tasty - way of playing with my food.

Pho 79 Viet Bistro is at 507 Hilltop Plaza in Virginia Beach. Call 757-644-6799


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