Virginia Beach man sentenced to prison for conspiracy to distribute over 100 pounds of marijuana

Jamel Stokes

NORFOLK, Va. – A Virginia Beach man was sentenced on Tuesday to three years in prison for his involvement in a conspiracy to distribute 50 kilograms or more of marijuana from California to Virginia.

He was also convicted because of his involvement in laundering the marijuana proceeds.

Court documents say that 26-year-old Jamel Stokes was involved with several co-conspirators in trafficking large quantities of marijuana from California to Virginia.

Stokes would receive the shipments of marijuana from California at two Virginia Beach addresses, and then break down the shipments into smaller packages for further distribution in the Hampton Roads area.

Stokes also participated in laundering the proceeds from the sale of the marijuana shipments by depositing proceeds into various bank accounts in Virginia, and on the same day someone in California would withdraw the money from those same accounts.

Stokes also participated in secreting money in boxes and shipping them to California. Stokes was apprehended when a large shipment of marijuana was interdicted at the post office.

A delivery of the parcel was made to the address on the shipping label. When a co-conspirator picked the box up, he was arrested and told law enforcement that Stokes had been paying him to pick up boxes full of marijuana and to deliver them to various addresses.

Between the two Virginia Beach addresses Stokes used to take delivery of marijuana, a total of 47 parcels were delivered from Northern California with a total weight of 50 kilograms or more but less than 100 kilograms of marijuana.

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