Virginia Beach couple warns neighbors of Animal Control impersonator

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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. -  A Virginia Beach couple has a warning for pet owners. They said a man impersonating animal control tried to take their dog out of their own backyard last week.


"I was very scared about the situation. Someone trying to steal my dog, trying to act as someone they're not. I don't understand why people would do that," explained Kameron Garrett, the owner of a Golden Retriever puppy named Brayden.

Garrett says last week, Brayden was off leash in the couple's backyard when a man claiming to be with Animal Control put a leash on the puppy and tried to lead him out of the yard. When Garrett confronted him, the man claimed to be with Animal Control. Claiming he was called to the area for a loose Golden Retriever.

"He kind of got assertive with me. He's like you need to do this and that," said Garrett. "I said you need to bring a Police Officer over here so I can see if this is true."

After showing the man some of Brayden's paperwork the man left in what Garrett describes as an Animal Control truck. Then he contacted the department and realized that the man wasn't with Animal Control.

"I saw there was the number 841 on the back of the truck. I called Animal Control and they said their cars don't have three digits on the back."

Virginia Beach Animal Control confirmed this to News 3, their trucks have more than three digits on the back. The department also says they have not been called to the South Club House Road neighborhood where Garrett lives in more than a year. They also don't have any reports of a loose Golden Retriever there.

"It's just very scary," said Garrett. "Now I don’t want anyone around my dog."

Garrett reported the encounter to Virginia Beach Police. While they investigate he and his girlfriend have been warning their neighbors. They also took to social media to warn others in the area.

"I just want everyone to stay observant and juts watch who is interacting with your dog."

Animal Control says to call them if question the legitimacy of an officer. All officers should have a badge and tool belt - if someone does not have those two items call Police.

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