Wisconsin couple celebrates 80th Valentine’s Day together

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**Embargo: Milwaukee, WI**
A Waukesha couple is celebrating their 80th Valentine’s Day together.

WAUKESHA, Wis. (WDJT) – A Wisconsin couple is celebrating their 80th Valentine’s Day together.

Chuck and Beverly Franzke got married 74 years ago.

“I would marry him all over again,” Beverly said.

“Well, I would ask you,” Chuck replied.

The two are high school sweethearts. They dated for six years and made it through Chuck’s World War II deployment.

“She’s a good girl and a good woman,” Chuck said of his wife.

The couple’s days are filled with laughter, and their nights strengthen their bond as they sleep in twin beds holding hands until their arms drift apart.

“I have a lot of nice memories with her,” Chuck said. “I never imagined to live until 96 years old. Love gets you to the altar, but trust and respect get you through the next 80 years.”

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