Firsthand look at 2nd Fleet back in action

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NORFOLK, Va. - For the first time in years, we're seeing the Second Fleet in action.

Based in Norfolk, the Second Fleet will oversee ships, aircraft and Sailors along the East Coast and North Atlantic.

It was reestablished on August 28, 2018. Now, six months later, we're hearing from senior leaders about what's new.

"When we get underway from Norfolk, we're operating from day one. So, it's different than what we've been doing in the past," Vice Admiral Andrew "Woody" Lewis said.

Top Navy leaders have made it clear that the United States is being challenged at sea, namely by Russia and China. They tell News 3 mobility and preparedness stay a top priority for the Navy this time around.

"We're moving quickly toward a global Navy that is operating in the same manner globally, where we're leveraging AI [artificial intelligence], machine learning and all these things that we have that are quickly coming into operational impact on what we do," Lewis said.

During its existence, the Second Fleet will train and approve Atlantic Fleets for deployment.

One example is the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln. Right now, thousands of men and women aboard are completing their pre-deployment COMPTUEX training.

While the Second Fleet operates off the coast, Sailors are prepared to stay focused on the mission to keep Americans safe.

"The big picture is that Second Fleet really reflects our commitment for peace and security in the Atlantic," Commander of Carrier Strike Group 12, Rear Admiral John Wade said.

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