Commonwealth for Life Rally set for February 7

RICHMOND, Va. – The Commonwealth for Life Rally is set for February 7  at 10 a.m. in Capitol Square, Richmond.

Diana Shores, the rally organizer said:

“This is a rally of citizens that began with a spark ignited by the introduction of bills such as ratification for the so called, “Equal Rights Amendment,” and the bill by Delegate Tran that would strip Virginia law of life saving measures for a woman and her baby in the third trimester. This spark became a burning flame when the Governor of Virginia made immoral and outrageous comments that promoted infanticide. The people of Virginia are saddened by the proabortion agenda being pushed by it’s political leaders.”

A thousand citizens plus some are expected to join. Church leaders, citizen activists, and pro-life leaders are asking people to attend this rally.

The group is being supported by the following statewide and national organizations: The Virginia First Foundation, Frederick Douglas Leadership Institute, Hosea Initiative, Concerned Women for America-Virginia, Eagle Forum, Virginia Society for Human Life, Day of Tears, The Family Foundation, Valley Family Forum, American Life League and Virginia Christian Alliance. Speakers include those from Students for Life, S.T.A.N.D., and Silent No More.

Elliott Harding, Millennial Outreach Organizer, stated:

“We’re excited by the energy Millennials are showing in support of Thursday’s rally and the pro-life movement. Young adults from across the Commonwealth are descending on Richmond to speak out against the anti-life extremism we’ve seen recently. They know it rests on their shoulders to secure a future that protects the innocent. We have been contacted by numerous high schools and college groups that are sending bus loads of students to this event.”

Chris Shores, rally organizer added, “Abortion hurts women, men, and their families. The testimonies of those who will speak need to be heard by those making laws here in Virginia. The abortion lobbyists want to silence these women and stifle their stories. They don’t want the truth about the realities of abortion to be shared with the public.”

For more information and a complete speakers list visit this link.

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