Virginia Beach student facing criminal charges after bringing BB gun to school

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - A Kempsville Middle School student is facing criminal charges and disciplinary action from school after bringing an unloaded BB gun to school.

According to officials with Virginia Beach City Public Schools, the student was openly showing the BB gun to his peers on a school bus Monday. When a fellow student told school administrators about the BB gun, they took action.

Kempsville Middle School

The student who brought the BB gun was arrested.

Some parents say although they’re grateful for how the school handled the situation, they still feel bad for the child who is now facing charges. Because of the child’s age, some wonder if it’s a cry for help.

“I trust the school so much and believe me, I am very involved in the school. I know that the kids at this school are in great hands. But, at the same time, I also feel for the student. Maybe there’s more going on with the child. Maybe he wants some attention," says one mother whose son attends Kempsville Middle School.

VBCPS reminds parents to tell their kids that weapons of any kind, even toys, are not allowed on school property for any reason. Having a weapon at school leads to serious consequences. They also ask to remind them if they see something, they should say something.

No further information was provided by officials.

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