Sticking to your fitness resolutions in 2019

NORFOLK Va,- The most common new years resolution for many is getting in shape.

If you have a goal of losing weight and being healthier in 2019 Body by Ken fitness trainer Ken Williams has a few tips to help you not only get off the couch and in the gym but stay in the gym all year long.

Body by Ken says first have a plan. Make a plan for how many days you will go to the gym or workout at home.

Make a plan for what your specific goals are and how you will achieve them. Ken says just saying you want to lose weight, or get in shape isn't a clear plan and isn't specific enough to help you stick to your goals.

Next, Body by Ken says take small steps. Ken says you didn't gain the weight in two weeks don't expect to lose it in two weeks. He says you need to start small and work your way up. If you are new to working out or haven't worked out in a long time start with low weight and build up when lifting. The same thing for cardio, start with 30-40 minutes in the gym and work your way up to an hour. Taking baby steps is the best way to ensure long term success.

Ken's favorite quote is, "A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step," he says use that when thinking about the gym.

The third tip, Body by Ken says accountability is key.

A few ways to be accountable is to write both your plans and what you actually accomplish each day down on paper.He says seeing it on paper will help you stay focused.

You can also be accountable by joining a fitness group, getting a trainer or finding a friend to workout with. If you have someone you have to report to or meet at the gym you are more likely to be successful.


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