Moyock school working with N.C. health department due to a ‘suspected stomach virus’

MOYOCK, N.C. — Moyock Elementary School in Currituck County has confirmed to News 3 that it is working with North Carolina’s state health department after an increase in student absences over the past two days because of a suspected stomach virus.

“On average, 20-40 students are absent on any given day of the week. Over the past two days this number has risen to just about 140,” said Moyock Elementary School. The school added that it cannot verify these absences are related to the suspected virus.

North Carolina state health officials have worked with Moyock Elementary School to make sure the school is taking the appropriate measures to disinfect and sanitize the building.

School officials say they are encouraging parents to ” keep ill students at home for a minimum of 24 hours after the student has gotten ill.” They are also telling students still attending school to use proper hand washing practices and are stressing ways to stay healthy during cold and flu season.

Parents are encouraged to use their discretion about their students’ attendance if there is concern that their child may become ill, said the school. Absences related to this issue will be excused.

Officials said the school continues to work daily to thoroughly clean the building in its entirety, along with the school buses.

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