Vote for what commercial will run during the Big Game, plus they win $1,000!

A group of talented folks got their creativity going and entered in our Big Game contest!

Now it’s up to you to vote for which video you like best and it may air February 3 during the Big Game which airs right here on News 3.

The BayPort Credit Union commercials below also give creators of the videos a chance to win $1,000 and exclusive bragging rights to all their friends and family that their commercial aired during the biggest football night in America.

Rally all your friends and family to vote now until January 27.

To win the contest your commercial needed to meet the following guidelines provided by BayPort Credit Union:

  • Please do not mention any APR, APY, loan terms, or payment examples as this triggers additional disclosures.
  • No video of bank robberies or theft.
  • No mention or reference to other financial institutions by name or in a negative manner.
  • No reference to BayPort Insurance or BayPort Financial as these are separate entities.
  • Do not mention BayPort members by name or reference account numbers, real or made up.
  • Do not show any real account information such as, but not limited to, checks, debit or credit cards, statements or Online Banking.
  • Do not mention third-party vendors such as Mastercard®, HomeAdvantage, Student Choice Loans, or other credit union affiliates.

For full official contest rules click here.