Is It Worth It? News 3 tests the Flippin Fantastic

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NORFOLK, Va. - Who doesn't love warm buttermilk pancakes?

Cooking them may be a whole other story. Cooking pancakes can be time consuming and messy.

The Flippin Fantastic promises to make your breakfast experience quicker and cleaner.

With a silicone mold you simply pour the batter into the 7 perfect circles while the mold is on the pan and you get multiple pancakes in minutes.

The Flippin Fantastic is just  $6.27

The Results:

We decided after testing the mold more than once, it is not worth it.

It was difficult to keep the mold completed flat, which made it hard to keep the batter in the places it was suppose to be.

It was a also difficult to decide when the pancakes were done.

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