Cox High School students taking action to feed the homeless

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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - Cox High School students formed an assembly line and made 1,624 lunches in 24 minutes during the annual #HashtagLunchbag event after school Friday.

There were 250 students from about eight school organizations to help out.

Cox High School students pack lunches during the annual #HashtagLunchbag event on Friday, November 9 (Photo: News 3's Aleah Hordges)

Several community school sponsors donated turkey, bread, chips, clementines and bottled water for students to place in lunch bags.

All lunches were donated to the Judeo-Christian Outreach Center and Union Mission.

Kenzie Wall, a student and chairperson over the event told News 3, "It's just something that everyone looks forward to every year. They're always like, 'When is Lunch Bag? How many are we making this year?'"

They also stuck a little surprise in each bag.

"'Have a great day,' 'you're amazing,' 'you're awesome,' 'keep going;' just a little positive note to stick in the lunch bags at the end so that when the people are eating their lunch they have a little positive note to keep them going for the day."

Cox High School students have been competitively making lunches for the homeless for four years.

"That was not planned at all, but it was probably because we had a lot of volunteers to come out and we had our assembly lines working really efficiently this year," added Wall.

She hopes to get other nearby schools involved for everyone to hand out even more lunches next year.

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