9-year-old raises money for friend in need of surgery

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Henna O’Deay, 13-years-old, has a rare form of scoliosis that is quickly getting worse.

Doctors told her she needed surgery.

Her mother found a doctor in New Jersey that performs a less invasive surgery called anterior scoliosis correction, but her insurance won’t cover the out of state procedure. Friends and family stepped in to help cover costs, including 9-year-old Zara.

“Henna is a 13-year-old eighth grader. She has scoliosis and she will be needing surgery in the next few months. Please help,” Zara Hayes said.

Zara took it upon herself to take a donation jar to church to get financial help for her friend and schoolmate. Zara raised $100.

In addition to raising $100, Zara also started a kindness jar where she and others are leaving nice messages like “be strong” for when Henna is recovering.

“It feels amazing because there’s so much love and prayers that I can feel,” Henna said.

Henna and her family leave on Tuesday for New Jersey. They will be there for about two weeks while she recovers. Meanwhile, Zara and others in the community will keep her in prayer.

“Here are some verses that should help before surgery, act 15 verse 28. It seems good to the Holy Spirit and to us not to burden you with anything beyond the following requirements. I am going to give you a basket of roses that I think will help,” Zara said.

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