‘Wanna get married?’ billboard used as marketing, dating tactic for Virginia Beach realtor

NORFOLK, Va. - Driving down I-64 as you approach I-564, you might see a billboard that has everyone talking.

A plain black billboard with the words "Wanna get married?" written next to a man's smiling face pops up on the display every minute or so.

As drivers in the area scratch their heads and tap their brakes to get a better look at the sign, News 3 spoke to the man behind the sign, who tells us it's a marketing technique - but he wouldn't hate to get a date out of it.

Scott Blackmon is a real estate agent with Broadsight Realty.

"There is a lot of competition out there in dating and in business," he said. "I figured, why not try to kill two birds with one stone - all real estate ads look exactly the same, so I was trying to think outside the box."

This is just the first of the ads Blackmon plans to post. The next one will be revealed on Monday.

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