York County gas station’s sign offers help to community

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YORK Co., Va. - A York County gas station is becoming the talk of the county - all because of one simple sign outside its front door.

"If you can't afford to pay, we will give free grilled food anytime."

According to management, the reason behind the sign at the Uppy's gas station on Route 17 is simple: money isn't everything.

The owner, Willy Saleem, put the sign up eight months ago after he noticed quite a few people coming in who seemed hungry but couldn't afford what they wanted. He says he will continue to give to people in need, and a lot of customers say that's the reason they keep coming back.

"I've seen so many people come in," said Joshua Pomposini, a customer at Uppy's. "Homeless, not homeless, don't have the money in their pocket, they (owners) are very generous and they give to anybody in need. Doesn't matter if you have Nikes on or regular average Joe shoes, they'll provide for the community and it's an honor to have them here."

The owner says his next big plan is to make the sign larger and much more visible. He plans to get in touch with York County to see if he can get a huge sign in front of his actual gas pumps.

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