Residents, businesses across Hampton Roads continue to gear up in preparation for Florence

HAMPTON ROADS, Va. - People are making their final preparations for Hurricane Florence.

News 3’s Margaret Kavanagh spent the night in Chesapeake, where some people are still buying supplies at the last second and businesses are trying to keep up with the high demand. We saw a massive shipment of water being dropped off at a Sam's Club in the city.

Across town at Taylor’s Do It Center in Norfolk, few flashlights are left on the shelves.

"I’m glad the people are not procrastinating and getting their stuff earlier to get them better prepared," said Assistant Manager David Price.

Jay Livingood says he has scars from living without power and water for 21 days when Hurricane Isabel hit in 2003.

"I think now they’re just taking a sigh of relief. It doesn’t change my plan at all, but I am a little bit relieved. I’m still on my guard," Livingood said.

Folks at the shelter over at Kellam High School in Virginia Beach were also grateful to have a place to go.

“Earlier I was in a nor’easter a few years ago off Holland Road, and my tent blew out blew over. Everything I had got wet," said John Huff, who's staying at the shelter. "I was up to my knees in water and I was in the jungle. The only thing I didn’t have is people shooting at me."

While the past experiences with Mother Nature haunt many, the future still remains unknown, with residents watching to see what happens.

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