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Celebrate “National Read a Book Day” with Hampton Roads authors

NORFOLK, Va. - Curling up with your favorite book isn't just a way to relax: research from the Yale School of Public Health suggests it is linked to a longer life.

A CBS News report said study authors "found book readers lived an average of two years longer than non-book readers."

Hampton Roads is home to several successful authors, including these children's books profiled on News 3 This Morning.

Diary of a Godly Fairy by Zion Veney

Seven-year-old Hampton City Schools student Zion Veney published her first book at the beginning of the year.

"Diary of A Godly Fairy" reveals the consequences of a little lie.

“I want to teach kids that this is what happens when they tell lies," said Veney.

The book's main character is a fairy named Carleen. The fairy gets herself into a little trouble when she wants to be a “cool fairy," leading her down a road of telling one lie after another. Carleen works to gain back their trust.

Being Brothers by Christian Graves, Demetress Walker and Dominic Graves

Brothers Christian, Dominic and Walker - also students in Hampton City Schools - made their latest book a family affair.

According to the book description on Amazon, "All three of these young men have different personalities and their own individual views on what being brothers is really all about."

The Adventures of Connor The Courageous Cutter by Scott McBride and Rodney Thompson

The third book in Scott McBride and Rodney Thompson's children's series "The Adventures of Connor the Courageous Cutter" is set to launch in October.

The two active duty dads who wrote the book hope Connor and his friends will be an inspiration for both children and their parents.

Macy's Teal Pumpkin by Suzy Brophy

In Virginia Beach teacher Suzy Brophy's book, the main character cannot go trick-or-treating like other kids.

"She had food allergies, especially to tree nuts and dairy," a portion of the book reads.

The little girl in the book and her food allergies are very real.

Macy Evans was a student in Brophy's class last year at Francis Asbury Pre-School and Kindergarten. When Brophy learned about Macy's allergies, she had the class paint teal pumpkins for Halloween as a show of support.

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