Sharing the roads with school buses in Hampton Roads

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - We all know what to do at a red light, a stop sign and even a yield sign, but when it comes to knowing just when and where to stop for a school bus out on the road, the lines tend to get blurred.

“The school buses haven’t been running, so people aren’t aware of the school buses stopping and they should be very cautious," says Sherry Scott, driver.

In the state of Virginia, it is the law to practice stopping your vehicle for children getting on or off the bus when approaching – from any direction – a school bus stopped on a highway, private road or even school driveway.

You are only able to take off again when the road is all clear.

“It’s absolutely imperative. The other one that’s a big one for me is the 20 mile an hour limit through the school zone. On a daily basis, people will pass me and I’m doing the 20 mile an hour limit," says Pete Crossley, driver.

Depending on where you’re driving on the road, it’s Virginia law to stop if you see a school bus and its stop sign is out.

However, this rule does not apply if the driver is on the opposite side of a divided road with a median.

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