Consumer Reports: Allergy shots without needles

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If you suffer from allergies and the traditional medications won`t work, there`s something newer that may help.

It`s called sublingual immunotherapy, or SLIT, and it`s an alternative that doesn`t include shots.

Consumer Reports took a look at the new possible remedy and tells you whether it could be a good option to get rid
of those pesky allergy symptoms.

Consumer Reports says it may be worth considering. Sublingual immunotherapy is pretty easy to use. Once you have a consultation with your doctor, all it really takes is putting a tablet under your tongue for only a few minutes a day.

Currently, there are four FDA-approved SLIT treatments available on the market:
 Odactra, the first SLIT-approved treatment for people allergic to house dust
 Oralair, for five different grass pollens.
 Grastek, for Timothy grass allergies.
 Ragwitek, for ragweed.

Depending on the specific SLIT treatment, younger people may start at age five.

Consumer Reports says that the five-grass, Timothy grass, and ragweed tablets are started about four months before the grass season and continue through the season.

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