‘Skins scoop: Huge brawl breaks out between Jets and Redskins during practice

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RICHMOND, Va. - Tempers flared up on the first day of joint practices between the Jets & Redskins.

Redskins & Jets brawl at training camp

After getting through individual drills and one-on-ones, the 11-on-11 portion of practice got chippy. A couple of small skirmishes resulted in one huge brawl.

Media wasn't allowed to shoot this portion of camp, but fans caught the action on camera, and was involved in it as well.

Morgan Moses limped off the field after the brawl.

After practice, Redskins players were unhappy with the way things occurred. "This is going to happen every time when you have joint practices," running back Chris Thompson said.

Others were a bit more direct. "Number 22 [Trumaine Johnson] was doing a lot of shady stuff," 'Skins linebacker Zach Brown said. "It's practice, not a game...we play ya'll on Thursday, show us on Thursday."

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