Outer Banks SPCA in need of temporary foster homes for dogs

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DARE COUNTY, N.C. – “This is a very rare issue for us.”

A rare site for Outer Banks SPCA staff to arrive at work and see their building flooded.

The building has been flooding since the weekend due to the constant rain to hit the area.

“The water had come up to this room and all the way into our grooming room here across the hall and it spread to the kitty nursery,” John Graves, the SPCA’s Director, explained.

The water then continued to the dog kennels and their play area, which is still flooded.

“Its just too much. It’s nowhere for it to really go. So we had to kind of pick and choose where we can do it, where we can shop vac. Unfortunately there’s just too much build up around it that even if we shot that for two hours it wouldn’t really get anywhere,” Graves said.

Because they can’t drain water there, the dogs have been stuck in their kennels.

“It’s stressful. As you guys can see just walking through the kennels the anxiety level of these dogs really high. not really getting out to get walked. unfortunately their exercise yard is completely flooded as well,” Graves told us about the dogs.

Staff has managed to shop vac most of the water but until the things are back in order, they’re calling you to take action and temporarily foster their dogs.

There are more than 30 dogs at the shelter that need foster homes.

Graves told us local agencies in the community have taken in some dogs but the rest still a home.

“So we’re just continuing to move dogs out as quickly as we can and basically clean behind them as they go.”

The SPCA is also fostering out cats but not all need housing.

If you are interested in helping, please call (252) 475-0233 to set up an appointment.

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