Sentara Healthcare warning patients after reports of people falsely identifying themselves as health professionals

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Sentara Healthcare told News 3 that they've received two reports of people falsely identifying themselves as health professionals and trying to care for patients in Hampton Roads.

Officials said these individuals have knocked on patient's doors at home.

"It really bothers us that people will use our good name and the relationships that we have with our patients and the trust our patients have in us to go to someone's house and defraud them in this way," said Sentara Healthcare Public Information Officer Dale Gauding.

A woman who pretended to be a nurse called a patient and said she would be stopping by on June 26, according to Sentara Healthcare.

Officials said a family member let the woman inside while wearing an embroidered Sentara Healthcare shirt and blue scrubs. They reported the woman going to the patient's bedside.

"It was very fortunate that our patient was on the phone with a physical therapist she knew who asked to speak to that nurse and that interrupted whatever was going on," Gauding said.

Gauding mentioned the woman suddenly left the home and fortunately the patient didn't get hurt.

Sentara Healthcare stated another impostor went to a different patient's home in Virginia Beach and pretended to be a social worker, but wasn't allowed inside earlier this month.

Officials say both suspects weren't wearing a badge and for patients and family members to always look for a credential before answering the door.

Gauding stressed to patients and family members, "Call the agency, call 911 if you fear for your safety, but if they don't have the proper identification badge from Sentara don't let them in."

Sentara Healthcare told News 3 no one has been caught or arrested; they're unsure how these people are getting patient's information.

Both incidents remain under investigation.

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