When one of his customers was choking, this Chick-fil-A employee stepped in to save him

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When a customer began choking on his food, a quick-thinking employee at a Chick-fil-A in Austin, Texas, jumped into action.

Now hailed as a hero, Hunter Harris’ life-saving actions were caught on video and uploaded to Facebook, where the post went viral.

The dramatic surveillance video from inside the restaurant shows a male customer get up and point frantically at his throat. A female customer rushes to help him and tries performing the Heimlich maneuver but it doesn’t work.

That’s when Harris stepped in. He said in a statement to CNN that he was working behind the front counter when a coworker told him someone was choking.

Harris ran to the man and began performing the Heimlich maneuver. In a matter of seconds, the customer was breathing again.

“I did what I think any of my coworkers would have done in that situation and ran to help,” Harris said in the statement.

The best part? This isn’t the first time Harris has saved someone’s life on the job, according to CNN affiliate KXAN. He’s helped a choking customer at Chick-fil-A before.

After the excitement wound down, the restaurant said the man was able to continue eating his meal, according to KXAN.

Harris’ father owns the Southpark Meadows Chick-fil-A and is especially proud of his son’s actions, KXAN reported. But in the end, what matters most to Harris is that everyone is safe and sound.

“I am so thankful the customer is doing well,” Harris said in the statement.

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