Virginia Aquarium mourns the loss of its beloved baby octopus

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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – Staff at the Virginia Aquarium shared a sad update Wednesday: its beloved baby octopus died on June 19.

In a blog post, the Aquarium’s Senior Aquarist said they were prepared for the outcome because they are “notoriously” difficult to raise due to the lack of information on their juvenile lives. However, the animal care team was still hoping for the best.

There is no definitive cause of the animal’s death, the Aquarium said.

A female Octopus briareus, known by its common name of the Caribbean reef octopus, was born at the Aquarium last winter; it was a species the team had not yet worked with. The shy creature started to lay eggs in December, which staff cleaned and tended to around the clock.

The Aquarium’s animal care team no doubt provided the best possible care for these animals and often excitedly shared updates on their growth.

Click here to read more about how staff raised the octopuses. 


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