Hot dog eating contest holds qualifier during Harborfest

NEW YORK, NY – JULY 4: The mens round at The Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog-Eating Contest in Coney Island, New York, on July 4, 2015.  (Photo by Andrew Renneisen/Getty Images)

NORFOLK, Va. – Big eaters from all over the area came to Harborfest today to show off their skills, as contestants competed to qualify for the International Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest.

According to people who competed today, the secret to eating so much in one sitting is a huge appetite.

“I always had a big appetite. Ordering two burgers, two milkshakes – always eating big, ever since I was a kid,” said contestant George Chiger, who took the top spot as the contest’s male qualifier by eating a whopping 30 hot dogs.

Rene Rovtar won the women’s contest with six hot dogs eaten.

The International Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest will be held on July 4 at Coney Island, where qualifying contestants will face off against competitive eaters Joey Chestnut and Miki Sudo.