Local couple has baby using INVOcell, an alternative to IVF

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CHESAPEAKE, Va. - Jessica and Brian Dubuque finally got the miracle they have been praying for after struggling with infertility. Jessica gave birth to Jameson Dubuque in May.

"It's the moment we have been praying and waiting for and it's here. It's finally here," said Jessica. "It's definitely been a challenge and something we had to work for."

After visiting multiple fertility clinics, they met with Dr. Christian Perez at Procreate in Chesapeake. He introduced them to INVOcell, a cost-effective and low-tech alternative to IVF.  Jessica got pregnant shortly after and prayed for a complication-free pregnancy, which she got.

"It was almost like the stars aligned. I have no complaints about the c-section. Everything went flawlessly," said Jessica.

And that makes Jessica and Brian even more grateful, even for the crazy moments when Jameson is crying and they are exhausted new parents. With her miracle resting in her arms, Jessica is hoping to encourage other women to persevere, especially when facing infertility.

"The advice I would give women is to not only to never give up, stay focused on the goal at hand, but to not be afraid to venture down other paths. Just because you start on one doesn't mean it's the right one," said Jessica.

She's thankful things worked out perfectly with Dr. Perez at Procreate. Now, she's just soaking in every moment with the new addition to their family.

"We bought this house to have a family and we had a plan and we followed through and when we got to having a child and it was just so complicated. It was certainly the hardest most difficult struggle I've had in my life. To walk through the door and we finally completed what we set out to do, I honestly can't think of something better."

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