Three last minute Mother’s Day gift ideas

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NORFOLK Va. – Sunday, May 13 is Mother’s Day. It’s a day to celebrate the women who took care of us while we were sick, cheered us up while we were down and encouraged us to be the best at anything we do.

But, what if you haven't bought your mother a gift yet, it's OK, we get it. And we've got you covered with three last minute gift ideas. Now, we all know mom taught us to think outside of the box, so these gifts are not the usual flowers and candy.

  • Plan a special day:  Take her to get a massage, or maybe go to a painting or pottery class with her. Just spend part of the day together doing something she loves.
  • Frame a picture:  Pick a photo that means something to her, or the both of you, and put it in a nice frames. Trust us, most moms LOVE pictures of the family!
  • Write a special note:  Put how you feel about her into words. Write a letter. Or, surprise her with little sticky notes around the house with all of the different ways she is appreciated and loved.

Now that you have a few ideas in mind, start putting them in place now to brighten up your mom's day on Sunday!

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