Dinosaurs take over Virginia Living Museum in Newport News

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NEWPORT NEWS, Va. – The Virginia Living Museum is bringing back its animatronic dinosaurs, plus seven dinosaur themed experiences starting May 5.

The exhibit, Destination: Dinosaur, will take guests back in time to the Jurassic and Crestaceous periods with seven dinosaur themed experiences:

  • 11 Animatronic Dinosaurs in the Indoor Gallery
  • Life-Sized Animatronic T. rex in Garden
  • Pachyrhinosaurus Photo-Op in Garden
  • Water Spitting Dilophosaurus and Baby on the back deck
  • Original Virginia Dinosaur Tracks
  • Shows: Live Theater | Planetarium | Live Animal
  • Outdoor Dinosaur Discovery Trail

In the outdoor area, guests can see a full size adult Tyrannosaurus Rex in the outside garden, take a picture with the 1,200 pound Pachyrhinosaurus and dodge the water spitting Dilophosaurus.

Indoors, guests can see different groups of dinos like the Cryolophosaurus, Coelophysis, Stegoceras, and Suchomimus.

The lifelike dinosaurs are from Billings Productions, North America’s leading producer of animatronic dinosaurs. The displays are joined by the museum’s outdoor Dinosaur Discovery Trail which opened in 2016 featuring 16 life-like dinosaur replicas, a paleontologist camp, dinosaur dig pits, dino huts and real fossils you can touch.

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