9-year-old rap artist in Norfolk says he hopes to end violence and bullying one song at a time

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NORFOLK, Va. - Nine-year-old Elijah Moore, better known as Rapper Kidd E, is talking gun violence and bullying through music.

Moore told News 3's Aleah Hordges that some people might find making music to be a hobby, but rapping means more than that to him.

The young artist said that his music is a reflection of real-life experiences that started when he was only four years old.

Moore said he heard guns shots once in the middle of the night.

"I heard banging on the door and I woke my auntie up and she heard a gunshot and we got on the floor," said Moore. "Then we went in the living room, turned on the TV and it said they're were police officers out there, ambulances, fire trucks, everything."

Kidd E also talks about stopping bullying.

"Like in my neighborhood, at school, a lot of places, so I wanted to rap about it so people can stop doing it," the artist continued.

Moore later turned those feelings into rhymes and started hitting the stage at events across Hampton Roads, leaving an impression on many people.

"They clap, sometimes they want to take pictures, like they want to get my autograph," he mentioned.

He even released an EP on April 2 that's available on all digital platforms.

The nine year old's music continues to inspire kids to stay in school, get good grades and become successful.

This music also sends a message to parents that asks them to have conversations at home with their children and to remind them one thing.

"Follow your dreams, never give up, dream big and you will be successful," added the artist.

Listen to Kidd E's EP below:

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