Pennsylvania family fighting to keep beloved pot-bellied pig

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Pottsville, Pennsylvania (WNEP) — A pot-bellied pig in Pottsville could soon be evicted. Her family is trying to change city code in order to keep their pet.

Scott Horning bought Gracie as a gift for his family without realizing it violated city code.

“Instead of being like some people would and just hiding her and having her in the house, we decided that we’re gonna try to do it the right way and that way anybody in the city can have a pig because they’re actually very good pets,” Horning told Newswatch 16.

He noticed other cities in Pennsylvania changed their rules to allow pet pigs, so he decided to try it in Pottsville.

“I figured it couldn’t be too hard, so I went down to city hall, and I talked to the city administrator, Mr. Palamar, and from there he put me on the agenda,” says Horning.

Horning presented city council with an informational packet about the facts, myths, and misconceptions about pet pigs, hoping it will convince the city to change the rules. Meanwhile, Gracie’s family is getting attached.

“I just love everything about her. There’s not like a specific thing I love about her, just everything,” said 16-year-old Adriana Martin.

“She’s awesome. She’s a good pet. She doesn’t do anything wrong,” added 11-year-old Bryce Lehman.

“I love Gracie so much,” 7-year-old Cayden added.

Horning told Newswatch 16 before city council makes its decision, it will be interviewing his neighbors about their thoughts on pet pigs in the city. A neighbor we spoke with didn’t seem to mind.

“If you own a pet, you take care of it and make sure everybody’s safe. Make sure you keep it safe. I really don’t see anything wrong with it,” said Marie Coombs of Pottsville.

This little piggy just wants to stay home.

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