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Navy to offer silver and gold tickets for Sailors to return after getting out

MILLINGTON, Tennessee – The Navy plans to offer incentives to allow Sailors who leave the service to return later.

In late February, the Navy announced the Targeted Reentry Program. It will allow Sailors who are “well trained leaders with valuable and needed skills” to return to the service after leaving the Navy.

Qualified Sailors will be awarded either a “Golden Ticket” or a “Silver Ticket” before leaving the Navy, which will give them the option for expedited reentry to active duty if they decide to return.

“Talent is tough to draw in and even tougher to keep,” said Vice Admiral Robert Burke, Chief of Naval Personnel. “Just like corporate businesses are adapting, the Navy must adapt to modern personnel policies as well. These changes are designed to maximize opportunities for command triads to advance their best Sailors while managing community and individual rates’ health.”

Golden Ticket Sailors are guaranteed a quota and swift return to active duty with one year of leaving given they remain qualified.

Silver Ticket Sailors will get an expedited return, subject to the needs of the Navy and that they remain qualified.

Golden Tickets, if not used within the first year, will convert to Silver Tickets for an additional year.

You can learn more about the program here.