‘Heartbroken’ Virginia Beach man giving away engagement ring

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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – One “heartbroken” Virginia Beach man no longer has any use for an engagement ring, so he’s giving it away.

Steven Crocker didn’t go into the details of his breakup when he posted the offer on Sunday, but he wanted readers to know that he still believes in love.

“I don’t want to give it away to just anyone,” Crocker wrote in the post. “I want to give it to a guy or girl who is so in love with their significant other and wants to take the next step but cannot afford a ring. I don’t think that anyone on MY friends list falls in that category, but someone out there does, which is why sharing this post is very much appreciated. I’ll send it anywhere in the US where someone is head-over-heels.”

Although their relationship didn’t last, Crocker said he has “no ill-will” toward his ex-girlfriend.

For anyone who’s interested, the ring is a size 3.5, 1/2ct, 14KT white gold. All you need to do is send Crocker a video and tell him why you think you deserve it.

“It’s not the fanciest ring in the world but it can potentially make someone very happy for the rest of their life,” he wrote.

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