Dominion Energy restoration teams return safely from Puerto Rico

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RICHMOND, Va. – After a month-long power restoration mission to Puerto Rico, 82 employees are now back in Virginia.

The group returned safely Sunday evening to friends and family that greeted them when they got off the plane.

The group faced rigorous task and harsh condition to try to help the island that was devastated by multiple hurricanes in the fall on 2017.

According to Dominion Energy, the group worked 14 hour days under a hot burning sun, with intense humidity. They also had to navigate harsh road condition and deal with exotic animals that they came across while working.

Though the job was tough, the group did some good for the people of Puerto Rico. They installed 226 electric poles, reworked hundreds more, and replaced more than 14 miles of power lines that had been damaged by storms.

Crews say that what they will remember most is the excitement and appreciation that was shown by to them by residents when they were helped.

They also shared stories and cooked homemade meals for the Dominion Energy crews.

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