Virginia Beach offering free parking at Oceanfront

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VIRGINIA  BEACH, Va. - Get ready to save some money if you’re heading down to the Oceanfront.

Virginia Beach officials are offering free parking on Atlantic Avenue with a new pilot program.

In-season or not, parking is usually a headache for anyone visiting the area, which is reason enough for some people to stay home--but the city wants to change that.

The pilot program started this week.

Most of the Southbound Trolley Lane between 6th and 25th Street is free two hour parking, between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. Just look for the signs!

It's all part of an effort to bring more foot traffic to Oceanfront businesses that suffer in the off season.

"Maybe it's going to bring more customers because they're going to have more places to park no problem close to the stores, close to the restaurant," restaurant owner Haim Marko said.

The pilot program ends on March 31.

If it's successful it could carry on into the 2019 off season.

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