Get the whole family in the Valentine’s spirit with these ideas from Jollity & Co.

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NORFOLK, Va. – Valentine’s day is the perfect time to tell everyone how much you love them.

Whether you’re celebrating with your significant other, your kids or your best friends, Jollity & Co. has some fun tricks to make sure everyone’s got that loving feeling.

If you’re cooking dinner at home for a romantic night in, how about throwing some decorations out to set the mood?

For the kids, try to get things that aren't too over the top Valentine's day so that they include everyone. You can also incorporate different colors so the old 'red and pink' isn't all you have to see.

If you're giving your "Galentine" a little something, why not pump up the creativity a little bit? Jollity & Co. have these handmade heart shaped pinatas that totally transform your card.

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