Pit bulls and addicts; How one man overcame addiction and helps break stereotypes

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Michael Favor is the son of a veteran NYPD narcotics detective.

Despite that, he ended up becoming a drug addict with an intense habit of abuse doing 15 bags of cocaine a day.

Two years ago, he became clean and started a shelter for needy animals rescuing dogs, cats, pigs and other animals.

"I went from abusing myself with cocaine, alcohol, gambling being high and driving. I just eliminated my negative addiction and replaced it with a positive addiction," Favor said.

His positive addiction is Pit Bulls and Addicts, which is a support group for these people and animals that don't always promote positive images.

He ended up building a 4,000 square-foot, wooden-enclosed facility by hand. He's now learning how to train dogs and is working with other volunteers at the shelter who are also recovering addicts.

"The animals help because I know that if I slip up, these animals are going to, of course people are here, but they need me. And I need them," Favor said.

Pit Bulls and Addicts is self-funded and it all started with Favor trying to kick his 13-year drug habit.

"I'm showing people that you could do it. I lived in that deep hole of addiction for way too long. I still live in it, but now I live in a happy addiction," he said.

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