Boats, brides-to-be and more at the Virginia Beach Convention Center this February

Photo from Virginia Beach Convention Center’s website. VBCC will hold more than 25 events this February.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – It’s going to be a busy February at the Virginia Beach Convention Center (VBCC).

The center believes that it will have upwards of 32,000 guests at more than 25 events that it will be holding during the month of February.

Some of the featured events will be the 65th Annual Mid-Atlantic Sports & Boat Show, the Mid-Atlantic Leisure Expo sponsored by East Coast Leisure, 1940’s Valentine Hanger Dance, 2018 Virginia Beach Coin Show sponsored by the Tidewater Coin Club and the Vow Bridal Show.

For the full event schedule and more information, visit the VBCC’s website at