Super Bowl cold call: How cold is cold for the locals in Minneapolis?

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Super Bowl LII

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. - When News 3 Sports Director Adam Winker and photojournalist Dax Gray arrived in Minneapolis Sunday for coverage of Super Bowl LII, the temperature was 20 degrees, with a wind chill of nine and snow flurries in the air.

So Wink wanted to know: Is that cold...for the locals?

Super Bowl LII

After doing some "cold calling", we learned the locals don't think it's cold until the temperature falls to 15 or 20...BELOW ZERO.

"We're Minnesotans - we're Norwegian," explained one fan at Super Bowl LIVE in Downtown Minneapolis. "We're fine, it's not cold at all."

Super Bowl LII

"This is beautiful," added another local resident wearing a Minnesota Vikings jersey. "I just came off the lake from ice fishing, just for this."

Ice fishing? Ice fishing! But it's not cold, right?

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