Woman says she’s afraid to leave home after attack at grocery store

A woman says she was punched by a man at a South City Shop ‘n Save after he asked for money and she refused.

Angela Spears says she aches after her visit to the Shop ‘n Save at Chippewa and Kingshighway on Friday. She said she was at the store paying bills when a man appeared asking for money.

“He was asking me for $4,” said Spears.

Looking back, Spears believes she knows why he asked for a specific amount.

“I guess he saw that I had cash in my pocket,” said Spears.

When she told him no, she says he hit her in the face. She said she suffered a concussion. She added that the security guards did nothing to stop the man.

“I asked them why they didn’t do anything. They said they’re there to stop shoplifters, not to stop people from being assaulted,” said Spears.

The incident has scarred her.

“I don’t wanna even leave my house right now,” said Spears.

Spears added that she wished she had given the man the money, but said she lives on disability and needs every last dollar.

She hopes her attacker is caught soon.

Spears said police are looking at surveillance video of the attack.

News 4 reached out to Shop ‘n Save for comment, but calls have not been returned.