How local schools decide whether or not to cancel

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HAMPTON ROADS, Va. - As all seven cities in Hampton Roads decide to cancel school for Thursday, many factors go into that decision.

“I know it’s causing some anxiety," said Virginia Beach Schools Superintendent Aaron Spence. In a YouTube video, the Superintendent explains their decision and priority when it comes to making decisions about whether or not school will be canceled.

"First and foremost safety is our top priority. We want to make sure students and staff can get to school safety and when we open our doors we are ready to go and have a good learning experience," said Superintendent Spence.

In Virginia Beach, school walkways and parking lots are taken care of by the city and custodial staff check to make sure they are safe before school starts.

An area of concern is also whether or not bus stops are safe for kids to wait at. A car could hit a patch of ice and crash into where students are waiting.

Another area of concern for multiple school districts, including Virginia Beach, Newport News and Portsmouth are the secondary streets leading to bus stops.

Many of these are still snow covered and would not be safe for buses to drive down to transport students.

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