York County woman thanks thief who stole her wallet

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YORK COUNTY Va.-  After Nakeya green's wallet was stolen she took to Facebook, after it was returned she took to Facebook again this time to thank her thief.

Nakeya didn’t just thank the person, she told them she loved them.

“I do love them because they cared enough still to put it at my door,” Green said.

Nakeya realized she didn’t have her wallet after spending all day at her kid's basketball tournament.

She panicked.

Doing the only thing she could think of, she posted to Facebook.

“Hey please if you found a Michael Kors wallet and I described the description if you could please just give me a call. I even left my number,” Green said.

For most of us our wallet holds our life.

That’s true for Nakeya.

But for the single mother of three replacing the items in her wallet would be more difficult than you might imagine.

“I have been battling lupus since I was 12 years old but currently I have been battling cancer,” Green said.

With the recent snow storm she was already behind on treatments, missing more while waiting on all new cards would have been devastating.

Disappointed, she got up Sunday to go to the police station to report her wallet stolen.

“As I am opening my door I am noticing my door is heavier than normal. When I swung it open there is a plastic bag,” Green said.

The money was gone, but her insurance cards, medical information and debit cards were untouched.

She did the only thing she could think of, she got on Facebook and thanked her thief.

“I wanted it to be there get through moment. That it’s okay, what you did is okay because you still gave me back what I needed,” Nakeya Green said.


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